Welcome to the galleries of SpyGlass Art and Janet Kearns.

Janet is a professional artist in Graphic Design, Fine Art and Murals. She studied at The University of Ottawa in Fine Arts, Concordia University in Montreal and Queen's University in History of Art. She has been a success in many different fields of art and it's difficult to pin her down to just one.

Over her 30+ year career she has worked in Holland, Canada, Britain and the United States doing everything from theatre set design to portraiture and landscape/cityscape and is experienced in many facets of the visual arts, winning a prize for being part of a team designing model show-homes in Ottawa.
Some of her more recent mural design works can be seen in:
Renaldo's Spa and Salon, Ottawa, Ontario
Lapointe's Restaurants, Ottawa, Ontario
Vivianna's Day Spa, Ottawa, Ontario ... to name but a few public murals, as well as many private collections worldwide.

At present she is 'setting up shop' on Bowen Island, B.C. and working on large acrylic and oil landscapes, computer graphics, music, photography and videos.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, she has travelled extensively and worked throughout her life in the visual arts.

Finding the Canadian rainforest and majestic Rockies quite an inspiring yet peaceful work environment at the moment, she just may stay put right here.

"Yeah, think I'll do just that", she says with a sigh of complete satisfaction.

Janet can be reached by email for more information.